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Technical Services Group has always been in the design and build business. Over the years, TSG has built out hundreds of studios and RF plants. We have been responsible for keeping customers’ sites up and running with consistent preventative maintenance. We’ve been the first line of defense when an emergency happens like a hurricane. Our TSG warehouse stocks many of the pieces and parts that help broadcasters get back on the air when disaster strikes. We have frequency-agile transmitters, antennas, STLs, and just about every kind of connector you can think of. TSG also stocks any and all types of test gear needed for installations and repair.

You’ve heard of Managed Services when it comes to IT. Why not apply the same concept to your Audio Visual components and Broadcast Engineering? TSG offers outsourced, professional routine maintenance and repair, working independently or in conjunction with your staff. We’ll supply trained, experienced, and qualified technicians. You’ll get reduced labor costs, increased efficiency, quick implementation of new technology, and reduced risk. Most importantly, you’ll get to stay focused on your core business.

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