Stations – WCWJ / WJXT

Project Details:

Client: WCWJ / WJXT

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Industry: Broadcast

Network Affiliate: CW and Independent

Product Vendors: Rohde & Schwarz, Dielectric


Rohde & Schwarz THU9-48Evo and THU9-36Evo. Transmitter power outputs of 64,100 watts and 43,400 watts. Dielectric 8 3/16” Rigid Line with a Dielectric TFU-24GTH antenna.


  • Change out and install all new equipment
  • Installation included a new transmitter and antenna that can be used by either station as a backup
  • Transmitter can change frequency, known as an N+1 system and the antenna is a slot style that is 18 MHz broad-banded
  • Both stations are a megawatt (1000 kW) each

About the Project:

Both TV stations changed channels. WCWJ changed from channel 34 to 20. WJXT changed from channel 42 to 18. This required all new equipment from the transmitter to the antenna. TSG also put together a backup antenna and transmitter that could be used by either station as an auxiliary. Having the transmitter be able to be frequency agile is referred to as N+1.

Station – WFGX
Stations – KPXJ / KTBS

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