Stations – WTWC / WTLH

Project Details:

Client: WTWC / WTLH

Location: Tallahassee, FL and Bainbridge, GA Stations (Co-Located)

Industry: Broadcast

Network Affiliate: NBC and CW Plus

Product Vendors: Rohde & Schwarz, Dielectric


Rohde & Schwarz THU9-48Evo and THU9-36Evo. Transmitter power outputs of 50,600 watts and 49,500 watts. Dielectric 8 3/16” Rigid Line with a Dielectric TFU-24GTH antenna and a TFU-24ETT antenna.


  • Change out and install all new equipment
  • Both stations have 8 3/16” rigid line runs of over 2000’
  • Both stations have effective radiated powers of 560 kW
  • WTWC antenna is actually mounted on top of an older batwing style antenna, making both the older antenna along with the new antenna measure more than 106’ above the tower top

About the Project:

Both TV stations changed channels. WTWC changed from channel 40 to 22. WTLH changed from channel 50 to 19. This channel change required all new equipment from the transmitter to the antenna.

Station – WUVG
Station – WHIQ

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