Station – Antenna Rebuild

Project Details:

Client: Station Antenna Rebuild

Location: Antenna Rebuild

Industry: Broadcast

Product Vendors: Technical Services Group, ERI Antenna


Antenna Rebuild - Replace failed parts, extensive cleanup, full tune, and test, and then reassemble. Then installation back on the tower.


  • ERI SHP-8C (8 Bay Center Fed High Power FM antenna)
  • Antenna had become out of tune, diagnosed with excessive heat in one of the bays, had an elbow with carbon deposits, and had a burnt bullet. Had become in such disrepair that it could have done damage to the transmitter(s) at the other end.

About the Project:

This service is typically ½ the price or even less than purchasing new. TSG offers a 1-year warranty. The antenna pictured was rebuilt by TSG about 20 years ago. Antenna featured is the 2nd rebuild which will give it many more years of useful service.

*First 2 project photos are of the antenna before rebuilding.  The last 2 are of the antenna after being rebuilt.


Station – WMBC
Station – WTLQ

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