Louisiana State University – Union Theatre

Project Details:

Client: LSU Union Theatre

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Industry: Higher Ed

Product Vendors: Meyer Sound


Meyer Sound Constellation Acoustic System


Meyer Sound’s D-Mitri Digital Audio Platform

  • (1) DCP core processor
  • (3) DVRAS processors (For running Constellation’s patented VRAS (algorithms)
  • (4) DAIO-816 input/output frames
  • (10) Cardioid and (14) omnidirectional microphones
  • (82) miniature self-powered loudspeakers
  • (10) miniature subwoofers for low frequency reverb

About the Project:

TSG was challenged to take a facility that had less than average physical acoustics and a low roof and make it a premier performance venue. The LSU Union Theater is now equipped with the Meyers Constellation System, which provides acoustical enhancement for voice and music performances, delivering concert hall quality sound regardless of where you’re seated in the theater.

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