SCN Top 50 Systems Integrators 2023

TSG is proud to be featured as one of seven in the “Ones to Watch” for Systems Contractor News (SCN) Top 50 Systems Integrators 2023.

  Systems Contractor News – November 29, 2023 | By: Mark J. Pescatore |

It’s been a year of mixed results, with some integrators seeing new highs while others lost revenue from installation projects.

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The SCN Top 50 Systems Integrators list provides an annual snapshot of the industry, showcasing some of the top companies that deliver solutions for various vertical markets and around the world. Our rankings are based on the projected revenue from commercial AV systems installations for the current year—but things are a little different this time, because we changed the rules.

Acknowledging the differences in the way some companies and organizations are structured, we added a rule that all businesses included in the tally of one entry should be owned by a single entity. As a result, alliances are not eligible to enter as a single entity.

With the new rule in place, AVI-SPL moved back to the top spot. The company saw a significant jump in installation revenues and added more than 500 full-time employees this year. Congratulations are also in order for Diversified, which joined the billion-dollar club with its projected installation revenues for 2023. Ricoh rounded out the top three—the information management and digital services giant brought in an estimated $550 million from commercial AV projects from Cenero (which has appeared regularly on this list and was purchased by Ricoh last year) and its other companies.

A quick comparison with last year’s numbers showed a mixed bag for integrators. Pavion, for example, held its position but reported $50 million more in projected revenues. Washington Professional Systems gained revenue as well, despite dropping a few spots on our list. However, some companies, such as Level 3 Audiovisual and IVCI, had years with lower revenues from installations.

As always, Top 50 submissions are voluntary, and all information comes directly from participating companies. We work on the honor system here; I’m friendly with plenty of integrators, but not friendly enough to get an invite to click around their bookkeeping software (probably a smart policy). That said, the fact that dozens of companies are willing to publicly share their financials speaks to how important this list is to the industry. We appreciate their participation and hope this list helps you better understand the current size and scope of the Pro AV landscape.

Explore the full SCN Top 50 Systems Integrators list here.

Ones to Watch

The SCN Top 50 Systems Integrators list doesn’t have room for everyone. But there are lots of other integrators out there and several just missed our list, including some that have been listed recently. Here are seven such companies that are well positioned to challenge for their own spot in the Top 50 in 2024.

• Applied Global Technologies, Kennesaw, GA

• Cal Coast Telecom, San Jose, CA

• DMS, Dallas, TX

• HS Solutions, Washington, DC

• Interstate Electronic Systems, New Orleans, LA

• PIVIUM, Phoenix, AZ

Technical Services Group, Baton Rouge, LA

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