From Concept to Commissioning

Radio World The World of System Integrators  –  From Concept to Commissioning

Six top integrators explain what they do and how to pick a good one

For many radio broadcasters, system integrators are crucial partners in planning and building new facilities. Integration is a specialized business even in the specialized world of broadcast technology, and it requires skills and knowledge that span audio, IT, AoIP, RF, acoustic design, ergonomics, construction, electricity, health and security considerations and much more. We wanted to know what a broadcaster should be thinking about when choosing a system integrator, what questions they should ask. Also, how do SIs develop and maintain their skills in a fast-changing world of technology? What trends do they see as important in creating broadcast workflows and facility design? Radio World talked with Bo Hoover of TSG and five other leading integrators, all based in the United States but whose work is seen around the world. Most of the conversation centered on studio work though much of it applies to RF as well.

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Published by | June 2022